Hello, I'm Chris Nowicki.

I'm a technology nerd who lives on coffee ☕️, obsessed with cheeseburgers 🍔, and tinkers with new tech on a daily basis.

I excel at bringing web designs to life and am passionate about backend development.

I'm currently looking for a new role as a full-stack engineer. Hire me!

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Featured Projects

Take a look at some of my favorite projects that I've worked on below!

In-Browser Markdown Editor

Frontend Mentor Challenge to create an In-Browser Markdown Editor. Focused on authentication for this project.

Next.js TypeScript MongoDB auth0 Sass
Pomodoro App

Frontend Mentor Challenge to create a pomodoro app. Focused on custom hooks, styling, and working with JS Time.

Vite React TypeScript Sass

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I am currently looking for new work. Contact me to say hello, talk about an opportunity, or ask me a question! My inbox is always open.

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