chris nowicki

Chris Nowicki

Cleveland, TN

Technical Skills

Technical Projects

In-Browser Markdown Editor | Developer


Full-Stack In-Browser Markdown Editor developed with Next.js, auth0, MongoDB, and Sass

  • Continued to develop TypeScript knowledge to help develop better code with fewer errors
  • Integrated authentication using auth0 to securely connect users to their markdown files
  • Connected app with MongoDB Atlas to store user information and markdown documents
  • Utilized React Markdown and remark-gfm libraries to parse and display markdown as HTML

Pomodoro App | Developer


Pomodoro Productivity Timer built with Vite, React, TypeScript, and Sass

  • Developed a custom useActive hook to check which settings button is currently active for styling
  • Created a Sass Mixin for media query breakpoints for efficiency in development using modular front-end style code
  • Integrated the React Native Countdown Circle Timer for a smooth countdown circle animation

Amazon S3 get-put-delete | Developer

ReactExpressNode.jsAWS S3Tailwindcss

Project for learning how to use Amazon S3 Buckets for storing, retrieving, and deleting images in applications

  • Integrated the AWS SDK in the backend to retrieve the S3 upload promise url
  • Programmed uploading, retrieving, and deleting of images from the front-end using the upload promise url
  • Implemented user Authentication using JSON Web Tokens to ensure user is logged in to retrieve promise url
  • Utilized server-side form validations to ensure proper user information is entered during registration and login

Professional Experience

Sr. Manager | Raytheon Technologies

2007 - Present
  • Managed a staff of 15+ employees ensuring supported programs are executed within department standards
  • Grew the annual budget from ~$2.5M to ~$5.4M by identifying gaps in funding to support delivery of final products
  • Successfully negotiated a milestone payment of $17.5M through daily meetings overseas with a 4 star general
  • Led the development of a new innovative product line that contributed to a US Army contract award
  • Coordinated software licenses and purchasing for the department saving $400K a year on unused licenses
  • Created system administration technical documentation for air defense computer systems
  • Trained over three hundred US Air Force and Foreign Militaries covering system administration and maintenance of defense computer systems with an average performance rating of 95%


Coding Dojo

Full-Stack Developer Certificate

  • Immersive Full-Stack Training Program in Python and MERN

Greenville College

Bachelors in Digital Media

Champlain College

Associates in Network Administration & PC Support